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Pani Clean Inc. has been granted the USDA Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II grant. This grant is a continuation of the groundbreaking research and development work commenced under the Phase I award secured in 2021. The allocation of this Phase II grant underscores the impressive results Pani Clean Inc. achieved in the initial phase, as well as the strong scientific, technical, and commercial viability of their ongoing project.

The focus of this SBIR project lies in the advancement of a state-of-the-art fluidized bed photocatalytic reactor. This cutting-edge reactor is designed to remove nitrates from water efficiently, converting them into nitrogen while simultaneously disinfecting the water. This innovative approach to nitrate removal is particularly significant for residential communities, offering a reliable solution to ensure access to safe and clean water. Pani Clean Inc.’s commitment to addressing the critical need for effective nitrate removal in water systems reflects their ongoing dedication to enhancing public health and environmental safety.

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