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Renewably-powered, with zero CO2 emission!

Distributed production of ammonia
Minimize the transportation costs with locally produced ammonia

Renewable-powered green process
Energy-efficient process that can effectively utilize renewable energy


Sustainable Production
Converting Environmental Pollutants into Ammonia

Green ammonia production solves pressing issues:

  • Nitrate pollution: Transforms nitrate pollutants into valuable ammonia, cleansing water sources and enhancing ecosystem health.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meets or exceeds environmental regulations, potentially unlocking government incentives for clean technology adoption.
  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: Harnesses renewable energy, slashing greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional ammonia production.
  • Economic Advantage: Utilizes potentially lower-cost renewable energy, improving long-term economic viability and price stability for ammonia.
  • Innovative Technology: Introduces a pioneering process with scalability potential, setting a new standard in the chemical industry.
  • Market Expansion: Captures emerging demand in the green ammonia sector, appealing to environmentally conscious stakeholders.
  • Strategic Diversification: Offers a sustainable alternative or complement to the Haber-Bosch process, enriching the ammonia production landscape.

Pani Clean’s Prototype M1

Our first prototype has the capacity to support the daily water use for one household in the US.


Gallons per day capacity


Renewable: solar-powered & mobile


We’re on a mission to provide affordable clean water for undeserved global communities

Rural communities in countries like India, where many families lack access to pollutant-free water, were the inspiration for Pani Clean (pani is the Hindi word for water).

Our vision is to decentralize water systems by providing a clean energy-powered water system capable of independently supporting small communities.

  • Food Security
  • Public health
  • Clean Water Access
  • Affordable Clean Energy
  • Promote Green Economy
  • Sustainable Production
  • Combat Climate Change


People worldwide lack access to safe water sanitation resources


Annual cost ($USD) of groundwater nitrate contamination


Americans drink water with nitrate levels that could cause health issues


Of groundwater globally is affected by nitrate contamination